Vice Chancellor

Prof Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad
Vice Chancellor (AUST)
PhD University of Idaho (USA)

As the first Vice-Chancellor of AUST, I understand my important role and `I am also well aware of the fact that the vision provided today will determine the standards and rank of the university in the future. Abbottabad is the Boston of Pakistan and AUST is leading the academics of the region. Keeping in view its key role, AUST will strive to play a leading role for the provision of quality higher education and establish new trends in academics and research.

The stronger higher education system is the only solution to all the ills in the society and only quality education can provide outstanding engineers, doctors, professors, judges and above all good citizens to the society.To achieve this goal and meet the needs and requirements of the country and solve the challenging problems of the changing world, our instructional vision for AUST is to create a world-class conduce-learning environment with integrated learning experiences, however for research and innovations we plan for interdisciplinary, cross disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to attack on various challenging problems of the country and world, where a team of experts of different backgrounds can solve a problem efficiently than an expert team. In order to materialize this dynamic approach, AUST is in the process of establishing three interdisciplinary Research Centers (Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Center for Biomedical and Health sciences, and Center for Humanities and social sciences).These centers will offer MPhil and PhD degrees in many important disciplines and will conduct research in the cutting-edge of science, technology and social sciences. Along with these centers, we are also envisioning the establishment of a research center on a very important subject of the present times, i.e., Center for Neurosciences. We hope that with the establishment of these centers, AUST will enter in the leading research universities of the world.


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